ErisX Gains BitLicense for New York Operation

The BitLicense for New York operation is still on its path towards being a workable and effective law. The creation of this license was predicated on BitLicenses in most states being set up to be temporary, in order to allow businesses time to adjust. On March 12th, all BitLicenses will expire, meaning the New York BitLicense will also need to be reviewed.

The license in question is the same one in effect today. This means that those business owners operating in New York with no license will now be forced to have one in place before they are allowed to sell any stock or take any action in the state. The rules surrounding the BitLicense for New York operation were somewhat of a surprise and it remains to be seen if they will prove to be a major benefit or detriment to the state.

There have been plenty of debates revolving around the BitLicense for New York operation and how it can benefit the state. Some supporters of the BitLicense for New York operation believe that by having a licensing system in place, that there is a way to prevent fraudulent transactions. At the same time, there have been a number of critics who question whether or not the BitLicense is really needed at all.

In New York, you will be required to buy a license to operate any type of business if you do not have one already. This includes people who wish to start a money-transfer business, someone who wishes to start an online Bitcoin exchange, someone who wishes to run a mining operation, or anyone who wishes to start a business that would involve fiat currency as a means of payment. The BitLicense for New York operation has been put in place so that the state can monitor the actions of all those who wish to use the dollar as a form of payment.

The problem with the BitLicenseis that there is very little documentation associated with the license itself. There are only a handful of pieces of information that are given out to the public regarding the BitLicense. For this reason, many of the licenses issued to businesses that do not exist are either fake or simply incorrect.

Because of this, there have been several stories that have occurred about business owners who have had their licenses stolen while still in the process of obtaining one. This happens because the business owners simply don’t understand what the BitLicense entails or the legal implications of operating in the state. Many of these same business owners who are unaware of the laws involved in operating in New York find themselves being fined by the state when their money is stolen from them.

With the BitLicense for New York operation now in place, New York is looking to make a few changes to the way the system works. They have placed a time limit on the BitLicense and are proposing that businesses start paying a percentage of the taxes they owe, similar to what happens in other states. This is expected to bring some change to the operation and hopefully stop the theft of license assets.

While the BitLicense for New York operation is in place, those looking to purchase stock within the state need to take some extra steps. Make sure that you know what type of business you are buying stock in, exactly what you want to do with it, and what the taxes will be involved with that. This information will help you determine whether or not the stock you are purchasing is worth the risks that come with operating in New York.

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