Gold to Test Key Price Levels Amid Hopes for US-China Trade Deal

Silver can test Rs 45,000 level while taking support near Rs 46,000, global SMC said in a report. Gold and silver traded higher on Monday as hopes for a turnaround in the upcoming US-China trade negotiations during the week faded following reports that Chinese officials may not be willing to fold. It is trading earlier Monday in reaction to China’s response to US tariffs. It fell $ 6 from tight Friday to $ 1333 per ounce after a volatile week, while the markets were waiting for the next move in the trade dispute between the world’s largest economies the United States and China. In fact, he captured the offer in the remaining hours of the US session after the Brexit vote on Tuesday. Gold (Dec) can request support near Rs 38,200 while resistance exists near Rs 38,600.

The dollar rose against the yen and hit five months high against a basket of currencies, after Mnuchin’s comments downplaying a trade dispute with China, increasing risk appetite amid hopes of easing trade tensions between China. the two largest economies in the world. As long as it is on the steady side, gold is under pressure, “said Dominic Schnider of UBS Wealth Management in Hong Kong. A stronger dollar makes gold in dollars more expensive for holders of other currencies.

The initial resistance lies at1461with short-term bearish invalidation at1479. In the case of an upper volute, keep an eye on what might be the potential for resistance that fall from July. The first major resistance is near the $ 6,930 grade since it is close to 50% Fib retracement degree of the current downward transfer from the excessive $ 7,279 low $ 6,575. The next major resistance lies near the $ 7.360 grade and the common 100 hourly easy transfer. The key resistance and a downtrend line stem around 0.6800.

Prices are likely to remain sustained today since the news is bullish and the trend is up. The rose gold price on Monday (9 April) as the dollar fell due to caution due to the prospect of an escalation in the China-US trade dispute. It is under pressure the dollar maintains its strength, “said Naeem Aslam, chief analyst markets at Pensate Markets. The price of gold fell below the psychologically important $ 1,300 to the ounce level last week for the first time since the end of December and has since continued to operate under its 200-day moving average. Gold prices may find themselves split between positive US economic data which removes the urgency for the Fed cut rates further and uncertainty trade war that action sent by the central bank. Prices for Shocking The Street is $ 35 a month.

If a trade agreement is not reached before the deadline, additional US tariffs on Chinese goods will take effect. The US-China trade bargain hopes optimism induced amplified sentiment risk across Asia on the first trading day of the week, as traders encouraged the recent WSJ report. In turn, Fed Funds futures continue to reflect a greater than 90% probability that the FOMC will keep the benchmark interest rate pending at its last meeting for 2019, and an increasing number offed officials may approve a wait-and-see ‘approach in view of the next interest rate decision on December 11 as the central bank appears to be in no hurry to reverse the four rate hikes from 2018. meanwhile, progress bargain trade continues to gain traction, at least in the eyes of the President of the United States Donald Trump. There is also growing attention to a potential arrest of the second government, as Democrats and Republicans disagree on border policy.

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