USD/JPY, AUD/USD May Fall on US-EU Trade War, China Tariffs Loom

US Trade Secretary Wilbur Ross supported Trump’s commitment to raise Chinese tariffs on December 15 in case nothing happens between now and then. Judging by Varadkar’s remarks, Johnson may be willing to make concessions. Growing tensions across the Pacific and what could become beyond the Atlantic would probably throw further uncertainty into the mix for business investment. The UK and the EU will continue negotiations today and at the EU summit next week. Last week, China expressed its disappointment to President Donald Trump signing the Hong Kong Bill.

AS YOU CAN SEE, we have OPEN record interest in sterling silver accompanied by a continuous BOTTOM PRICE WHEN that record has been set. This may also raise concerns about job creation after the country has lost most since 2009 last month. The geopolitical situation in the Middle East remains fragile.

In the mix, an unexpectedly positive Brexit atmosphere. In the mix there is, with Irish PM Varadkar, so far constantly criticizing proposals for alternative solutions “for the Irish border arrest, saying following a meeting with his British counterpart that he is now absolutely convinced” that the PM Johnson wants a Brexit agreement. The best atmospheric music coming from the Brexit front (Irish PM saying that it is now absolutely convinced ” PM Johnson wants an agreement) suggests that the common currency will be able to maintain a basic offer against the dollar and other currencies, ex pound, at least for now.

The key date here is October 19, when Parliament will sit down to debate and vote on any agreement that Johnson may come up with. Former officials have been publicizing that progress has been made, while the latter has often hesitated to express similar dynamics. Canada’s September employment report is up to date. Brand NewQ42019GoldForecast and Top Trading Opportunities The United States has threatened to apply 100% of tariffs on a range of French products, saying that the recent French digital tax is unfair. This comes as the remains of the unresolved US-China war trade a fragile global growth state. IF this is true, then this is a conspiracy to defraud MASSIVE as now TESTIMONE a monstrous TOTAL EFP’S EMISSION as heads in THESTRATOSPHERE.

Risk-on positioning continued to be expressed in currencies, which saw the yen edge out of new lows and the dollar freeze and most of the developing currencies around the world laughed (even the Turkish lira came out of the low levels over the last day). The focus for AUD and NZD seemed to be on broad dollar weakness yesterday as local bond yields fell. That can reverse some of the upside progress seen in Australian dollars and New Zealanders feeling tied on Monday. Which showed fade bullish momentum, which can sometimes precede a lower turn. The weakening of the yen has been concomitant with a rally in global stock markets, as has long been the inverse correlation between the two. Meanwhile, a worsening market sentiment would probably fuel the higher Japanese yen risk than its major counterparts.

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